...Martin Wroe Takes The Minutes
By Martin Wroe
Strait Magazine - 1984

Strait 1984 Photo #1

'Songs of searching to those who've already found. There's the lunacy of the whole show; it's like a painting exhibition for the blind.' (Randy Stonehill's performance at Brighton in 1981 reviewed by Simon Potter in STRAIT 3).

Randy Stonehill - one of the biggest fish in the pool, just beginning to realise how small the pool is.


'I've just been trying to be faithful with the doors that God's opened for me as an artist. The fact that there are Christian companies that understand the vision of Chrsitian artists to some extent and are concerned with doing something that is both art and evangelistic is totally valid. It can be an important nurturing ground for a lot of artists.

For years people have said to me that it's a shame that I'm not known outside the Christian record buying public. I've said 'Yeah, I agree but I don't want to jump the gun before God wants me to go.' Now I feel that my faithfulness as a Christian and my patience has paid off.'


(The modern Chritian life in terms of Christian concerts, Christian records, and Christian pop-stars as opposed to the old-fashioned way of obedience to Christ.)

'There's a definite undercurrent of that running throughout the Christian music scene. I certainly want to be entertaining, and rock 'n roll, but I understand how people naturally tend to look up to you when you're in the spotlight and when you're cutting through their defences with the power of music. I try to make sure that the spotlight stays on Jesus.'


'I just recently have signed a record contract with Street Tunes, the independant label here that's run by John Glover. Its been a long time coming but I wanted to make sure I had done my homework spiritually, emotionally and artistically, before I got into another situation like I was in when I was twenty years old and recorded 'Get Me Out Of Hollywood' for Phonogram Records. I was really unprepared for the pressure there is so I've been trying to be patient and faithful with wahtever directives I'm getting from God. I think that's bearing fruit now. I think the situation at Street Tunes looks encouraging.'


'I think it's silly to say that music can convert somebody or that music in and of itself can change somebody's life ... however the fact is that we're all looking for heroes and role-models and the fact that rock-artists, pop-stars, often step into that place means that what they sing about and say is going to have more influence and more impact of [sic] a person's life than the guy at the newspaper stand.'


(If only Michael Jackson (Boy George, Simon Le Bon ...) became a Christian ...).

'I would say it's very unrealistic, our own little fantasy to think that thousands of people are going to get converted through that kind of thing. Becoming a Christian is a personal thing. It's a miracle of God and it comes down to a confrontation with Jesus Christ. That carries a lot more weight than basing your life on a particular style of music.

There's no doubt in my mind after being in the music ministry for almost fifeteen years that God speaks to mnay people through music and He reaches people that wouldn't be reached any other way.'


'Even the best of friends
Give in sometimes to their darker side
Put up a wall of stubborn pride
Not willing to make amends.'
(Even The Best Of Friends 1983.)

'Larry and I shared musical ideas and artistic vision and we contributed to each others lives and careers. But if I was going to continue to grow as an artist I had to get out of those old comfortable shoes and just go where God led me and be willing to stretch my creative muscles and break new ground.

When I look at my friendship with Larry I feel I am as responsible for the disintegration of the friendship as he is simply because in my misguided idea of what being a friend is, or love is, I didn't call him on the carpet when I needed to.

At this point we've gone our own ways and I'm just trying to grow up and trust that relationship, if there ever is to be much of one again, to God - that He would bring us both to the point of willingness and maturity that we can calmly sit down and slowly unravel all the old strings.'


'The main matter is faithless people - faithless to God. If we would only stop believing our own ludicrous publicity - that we're the highest form of life in the Universe and it's all gonna work out o.k. somehow - and if we had the prescence of mind to admit our need for God's love and be willing to take Jesus at His word - this life would be radically different.'


'I know what I'm trying to say but I can't make my lips move.'

Originally published in a 1984 Issue of Strait magazine in the UK.
Special Thanks To D. Rex for contributing this article.