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Released 1994
SLR 49001-2
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A Personal Message From Stonehill
I Turn To You (3.28)
Answer To: Randy, Your New Album Is Relased With A Company Which We Understand You Have Started. Why A New Record Company?
Answer To: The First Single From Your Album, "I Turn To You" - Is Very Special And Sounds Like A Turning Point Musically For You. How Did That Song Come About?
Answer To: Randy, From What We Have Heard, This New Album: The Lazarus Heart Has Some Of The Most Radio-Worthy Songs Of Your Career. After All These Years In Christian Music, What's Got Into You?
Answer To: You Have Been In Christian Music About As Long As Anyone I Can Think Of. What Do You Think Are The Important Issues For Christians Making Music In This Day And Age?
Answer To: What Is The Most Important Factor For You Continuing Writing And Performing Christian Music? What Makes You Get Up In The Morning To Go At It Again?
Answer To: For The Aspiring Songwriter Or Performer That Is Listening To You Right Now - What Would You Say To Guide And Encourage Them? What Are The Things That They Should Be Cultivating In Their Lives To Become The Best They Can For The Kingdom Of God?
Answer To: Randy, Thanks For Talking To Us. Good Luck With Your New Record Company And The New Album..And By The Way, When Is It Likely That We Will See You In Concert Here In (Radio Station's Home Town)?
"I Turn To You" Written By Randy Stonehill & Cheri Keaggy
Produced by Jimmie Lee Sloas
Executive Producer Ray Ware
Engineered by Richie Biggs

Special thanks To my friend and
Hero in the Faith, Ben Patterson,
for writing the book Waiting
which provided the inspiration for
many of these songs.  Jerry
McPherson for his remarkable
sensitivity to the music and for
doing twice the work at half the
pay.  Gary (A.K.A. "monster of
Rock") and Amy Chapman for all
the extra guitars and pool privi-
leges, Smitty for his generosity and
enthusiasm, Bob Carlisle for his
gratis BGVs, Phil Keaggy for his
enduring friendship and wonder-
ful guitar playing, Gordon
Kennedy for the great signing and
who, when we needed it most,
uttered those timeless words
"Grab yourself a chicken... now,
put it back." Ray & Sue Ware for
all the Southern hospitality, and
Holly Benyousky, Mike Scanland,
and Gavin Morkel for their faith,
wise councel and courage as we
join hands together in this new
music adventure called Street
Level Records.

From The Album
The Lazarus Heart

Distributed Via REX Music, Inc.
Slimline Case With Front Insert
Lyrics To "I Turn To You" Enclosed
Return To Paradise