Myrrh LA/LA
Released June 1985
Produced By Barry Miller Kaye
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I Could Never Say Goodbye (Duet With Amy Grant) (3:34)
Love Beyond Reason (3:36)
The Gods Of Men (4:12)
Bells (4:19)
You're Loved Tonight (5:47)
Until Your Love Broke Thru (4:01)
Hymn (2:46)
Angry Young Men (3:36)
Judgement Day (4:54)
Cross That Line (3:31)
The Gods Of Men (Extended Version)
All Songs Written By Randy Stonehill Except "Until Your Love Broke Through" Written By Keith Green, Todd Fishkind And Randy Stonehill And "Cross That Line" Written By Randy Stonehill & Tom Howard
Produced And Arranged By Barry Miller Kaye

Engineered and mixed by Mark Heard
at Fingerprint Recorders

Executive Producers:
Ray Ware and Tom Willett
Second Engineer: Dan Reed
Basic Tracks recorded using the
  Fingerprint Recorders Mobile Unit at
  the Sound Vault Studios, Sunland, 
Simmons Drum Programming:
Tim "Repo Man" Aller
Fairlight C.M.I. (Computer Musical
  Intstrument) Programming: Andrea
All Fairlight C.M.I. textures developed
  by Barry, Andrea and Randy at the 
  Computer Music Lab, California
  State University, Northridge
Fairlight C.M.I. Technicians:
Jeff Forehan at Byte Size Productions
  for High Tech Intruments; and Bob
  Garrett at C.S.U.N.
Mastered By Steve Hall at Future Disc
  Systems, Inc.
Art Direction & Design: Roland Young
Cover Photography: Lisa Powers
Make-up: Dolli Melaine
Group photo taken by Rose Berger at
  the La Brea Studios, Hollywood,
Additional Photos By Ray Ware

Special Thanks to: Tom "Hitsville"
Willet and the staff at Myrrh/LA for all
the enthusiasm; Amy Grant for her
potato chips; Blanton/Harrell
Productions; Jim Hodson and Matt
Crouch from "Real Videos"; Bill
Hawkins at the Sound Vault Studios;
Dr. Beverly Grigsby at the Computer
Music Lab, C.S.U.N.; Gene at Studio A
in North Hollywood; Mike and Vic
Damus at the Riverside Market.
Playback system provided by the
Sound Station, Sherman Oaks, CA;
thanks Danny.

Extra special thanks to Sandi and
Heather Stonehill, Janet Heard, and
Cathy Damus for the love, under-
standing and moral support.
The Players (on all songs):
Drums: David Raven
(a.k.a. Dave McSparran)
Bass: Steve Wilkinson
Guitar: Milo Carter
Guitar: Don Griffin
Acoustic Guitar: Randy Stonehill
Fairlight C.M.I.: Barry Miller Kaye

Amy Grant appears courtesy
  of Myrrh Records
Bryan Duncan appears courtesy
  of Light Records

lead vocals on "I Could Never
  Say Goodbye: Amy Grant and
  Randy Stonehill
background vocals: Randy
  Stonehill, Caryn Robin,
  Tąta Carmen Rosa Vega,
  Bryan Duncan, Richie Furay,
  Tonio K.
Danny Jacob: Lead Guitars,
  Guitar Solo, Sweaty, Golden
Rick Geragi: Congas, Bongos,
  Claves, Tamborine, Cabasa &
Denver Smith: Additional
  Synthesizers And M.I.D.I.
Andrea Saparoff: Fairlight C.M.I.
  Orchestral Arrangement &
Barry "The Bear" Liss: Harmonica
Jay Leslie: Soprano Sax Solo
Mark Heard: Additional Guitar

Special thanks to Compassion
International whose work with 
children in third world countries
inspired the song "Judgement Day."
It was on behalf of this organization
that I traveled to Haiti in 1984 and was
awakened to the desperate plight of
the children there.  I encourage you,
with all of the seriousness that I can
muster, to help their good work as
much as you can.