Street Level Records
Released September 1994
Produced By Jimmie Lee Sloas
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A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept (5:46)
I Turn To You (3:28)
In Jesus' Name (4:27)
Under The Rug (3:39)
Remember My Name (4:56)
That's Why We Don't Love God (5:17)
When I'm Afraid (3:38)
Remember My Name (4:56)
Shadow Man (3:35)
Zurich In The Snow (:19)
Troubles (3:22)
The Lazarus Heart (4:26)
All Songs Written By Randy Stonehill Except "A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept" And "Remember My Name" Written By Randy Stonehill & Rick Elias, "I Turn To You" Written By Randy Stonehill & Cheri Keaggy, "In Jesus' Name" Written By Randy Stonehill & Phil Madiera, "Under The Rug" Written By Randy Stonehill, Dave Perkins & Terry Taylor, And "Shadow Man" Written By Randy Stonehill & Dave Perkins
Produced by Jimmie Lee Sloas
Executive Producer Ray Ware
Engineered by Richie Biggs

Recorded At
The Bennett House - Franklin, TN
The Green Room - Huntington Beach, CA
The Board Room - Nashville, TN
Omnisound - Nashville, TN
Shakin' Studios - Franklin, TN
The Dugout - Nashville, TN
*Songs mixed by Richie Biggs at the Dugout
**Songs mixed by Craig Hansen at Charlie
Peacock's studio

Mastered by
Ken Love at MasterMix - Nashville, TN
Cover Art Direction and Design
Dietsch & Associates 616/454-0505
Cover Photography
Thunder Image Group 615/297-5442
Insert Layout And Design
Michael Scanland Communications, Inc.
Production Assistance
Chris Ross and Pam Kistler

Rick Elias . . . well, okay, I swiped his jacket and
vest - so sue me!
Dominique - Trumps Studio, Nashville, TN
Key Grips
H. Benyousky, M. Scanland & G. Morkel

Musical Crew
Randy Stonehill
Electric Guitar
Jerry McPherson and Phil Keaggy
Acoustic Guitar
Randy Stonehill and Jerry McPherson
Chat Adkins Solid Body Acoustic Guitar
(Nylon String)
Randy Stonehill
Bass Guitar and Wurlitzer
Jimmie Lee Sloas
Fretless Bass on "Troubles"
Mark Hill
Steve Brewster
Piano and Keys
Rick Elias
Organ, Dobro, and Squeeze box
Phil Madeira
Eric Darkin
Soprano Sax
Mark Douthit

Michael W. Smith appears courtesy of Reunion
Records. Guest vocal and additional keyboards on
"In Jesus Name." Gary Chapman appears courtesy
of Reunion Records. Background vocal on
"Shadow Man." Christine Denté appears courtesy
of Sparrow Records. Guest vocal on "I Turn To
You." Bob Carlisle appears courtesy of Sparrow
Records. Background vocal on "A Promise Made Is
A Promise Kept." Phil Keaggy appears courtesy of
Sparrow Records. Lead Guitar on "Under The
Rug." Riki Michele appears courtesy of Brainstorm
Records. Guest vocal on "Lazarus Heart."

Background Vocals
Jimmie Lee Sloas and Gordon Kennedy - 
the "wonder twins" on "Remember My Name", "I
Turn To You", "That's Why We Don't Love God"
and "In Jesus' Name."  Additional BGV's by Bob
Carlisle, Vicky Hamilton, and Kim Fleming
On "A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept."

Additional Background Vocals
David Robertson, Riki Michele, Jerry
Chamberlain, Sharon Chamberlain, Randy
Stonehill, Gordon Kennedy, Phil Madeira & Rick

Special thanks To my friend and Hero in the Faith,
Ben Patterson, for writing the book Waiting which
provided the inspiration for many of these songs.
Jerry McPherson for his remarkable sensitivity to
the music and for doing twice the work at half the
pay.  Gary (A.K.A. "monster of Rock") and Amy
Chapman for all the extra guitars and pool privi-
leges, Smitty for his generosity and enthusiasm,
Bob Carlisle for his gratis BGVs, Phil Keaggy for
his enduring friendship and wonderful guitar play-
ing, Gordon Kennedy for the great signing and
who, when we needed it most, uttered those time-
less words "Grab yourself a chicken... now, put it
back." Ray & Sue Ware for all the Southern hospi-
tality, and Holly Benyousky, Mike Scanland, and
Gavin Morkel for their faith, wise councel and
courage as we join hands together in this new
music adventure called Street Level Records.