Released July 1993
New Songs (*) Produced By Terry Taylor
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* I Thirst For You (5:49)
Still, Small Voice (4:06)
Rachel Delevoryas (3:19)
Bells (4:15)
Starlings (5:01)
Turning Thirty (3:46)
Coming Back Soon (4:46)
* Charlie The Weatherman (5:54)
Sing In Portuguese (4:05)
Weight Of The Sky (3:28)
Letter To My Family (4:35)
Christmas At Denny's (5:53)
* Hope Of Glory (Acoustic Version) (4:22)
All Songs Written By Randy Stonehill Except "Charlie The Weatherman" Written By Randy Stonehill And Terry Taylor

"I Thirst For You", "Charlie The
Weatherman" and "Hope of Glory":
Produced By Terry Taylor
Executive Producer: Mark Maxwell
Recorded by G. Eugene
Additional engineering by Drew Aldridge
Recorded at the Green Room/
Huntington Beach, CA
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc/
North Hollywood, CA
Rhythm section: Randy Stonehill with
Lost Dogs (Taylor, Eugene, Daugherty and Roe)
Background Vocals: Randy Stonehill,
Derry Daugherty and Riki Michelle
Keyboards: Rob Watson
Drums and percussion: Burly Drummond
Pedal Steel on "Charlie The
Weatherman": Greg Kellogg

Thanks to:
Mark Maxwell, Rob Birkhead, Andrew
Tempest, Diana Barnes, Ed Goble and Jill
Brownell for good ideas and lots of support;
Jon Rivers for being "the interview king";
and to Mike Roe who is a true "rock star".

This record is dedicated with love to the
memory of John Mark Heard, who always
told the true story.