Released February 1992
Produced And Directed By Terry Taylor For Stunt Productions
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Wonderama (6:20)
I Will Follow (3:00)
Barbie Nation (4:57)
Don't Be Sad (4:15)
Rachel Delevoryas (3:19)
Intermission At The Wonderama (1:05)
Great Big Stupid World (5:47)
Sing In Portuguese (4:05)
Mice & Men (3:13)
The Lost Parade (4:14)
Lantern In The Snow (4:36)
Wonderama Postlude (:42)
All Songs Written By Randy Stonehill Except "Wonderama," "I Will Follow," "Barbie Nation,""Great Big Stupid World," "Lantern In The Snow," And "Wonderama Postlude" Written By Randy Stonehill And Terry Taylor And "Don't Be Sad" Written By Randy Stonehill And A. Natalie
The Wonderama Band:
Rick Elias: guitars
Tim Chandler: bass
Randy Stonehill: lead vocals, guitars
David Raven: drums
Rob Watson: keyboards
Produced and Directed by Terry Taylor for Stunt Productions 
Executive Producers: Mark Maxwell and Ray Ware  Recorded by
G. Eugene  Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, North
Hollywood, CA  Recorded at Mixing Lab A, Garden Grove, CA (Basic
tracks, percussion, backing vocals, keyboards); Neverland, Cerritos, CA
(Lead vocals, guitars, strings, keyboards, woodwinds, accordion);
Mixing Lab B (Background vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion);
MicroNote (Horns, background vocals, strings); McCrummy Music
(Background vocals)  Pre-production demos recorded at Jerry and
Sharon's Wax Lips Studio  Mixed at Mixing Lab A  String and horn
arrangements written and conducted by Rob Watson  Art Director:
Roz  Concept by Terry Taylor, Tom Gulotta, and Court Patton 
Artwork and design by Court Patton and Tom Gulotta, Patton Bros.
Design, El Cajon, CA  Photography by Nick Nacca, Linda Krikorian,
wives, neighbors and total strangers 
Rick Elias appears courtesy of Frontline Records 
Linda Elias appears courtesy of Wonderland Records 
Thank-yous: Tom Ramsey, Dan Posthuma, Mark Maxwell, Jeff Blake and
Marlei Daugherty for their faith and support; Debi Taylor and Sandi Stonehill
for enduring life as studio widows "one more time...with feeling"; Thom Roy
at Mixing Lab for his generosity and friendship; to Gene Andrusco for his bat
ears and all the extra hours; to Capt. Monty Longfellow for hangin' around;
to Tony Shore for the tip; Dave Jansen for the monitors; Rob Watson for the
extra miles and to Rachel Delevoryas  This album is decicated to the
loving memory of my grandmother  Mary Correia Faria  May 14th 1903 - 
December 23rd, 1990 
Randy Stonehill: Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, guitar, Salute To Sammy
Rick Elias: Lead, electric, acoustic, Nashville Tenor, acoustic lead & lead electric guitar, backing vocals
Tim Chandler: Bass
Dave Raven: Drums
Rob Watson: Music box, calliope, bells, keyboards, marimba, ballroom piano, organ, piano, celeste,
	backing vocals, string and horn arrangements
Burleigh Drummond: Sleigh bells, glockenspiel, cymbal swells, chimes, kettle Drums, shaker, clavet,
	congas, dream cymbals, percussion, Burleigh's Madhouse, tamborine, second snare, cowbell,
	bodrane, snow bells
Jerry Waller: Accordian
Robert Martin: Cello
Janet McTaggart: Muse of hope
Terry Taylor: Backing vocals
Omar Dumkus: Stand-up bass
Michelle Richards: Violin
Linda Elias: Backing vocals
Riki Michelle: Backing vocals
Jerry Chamberlain: Backing vocals, lead guitar
Sharon McCall: Backing vocals
Beth Falsom: Violin
Terry Glenn: Violin
Dianne Ready: Viola
Greg Flesch: Lead guitar, E-bo
Doug Webb: Clay pipes, ocarina, bass Recorder, tenor ocarina
Los Campesinos Mariachi Band: Steve Luevano, Steve Luevano Jr., Hilario Gonzalez, Antonio Gonzalez:
	Backing vocals on "Sing In Portuguese"
Nolan McSparren, Preston Geeting, Abraham Handler: Boys choir on "Lantern In The Snow"