Released November 1989
Produced By Mark Heard With Randy Stonehill
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Starlings (5:00)
Stand Like Steel (4:55)
I Don't Ever Want To Live Without You (4:10)
Friend Of Old (4:00)
You Can Still Walk Tall (5:00)
True Blood (5:02)
Strong Hand Of Love (2:54)
Christmas At Denny's (5:53)
Love Tells No Lies (4:20)
Weight Of The Sky (3:28)
Ready To Go (4:44)
All Songs Written By Randy Stonehill Except "Strong Hand Of Love" Written By Mark Heard, "I Don't Ever Want To Live Without You" Written By Pierce Pettis And "This Friend Of Old" Written By David Edwards

with Randy Stonehill


Randy Stonehill:

Doug Matthews:
Bill Batstone:
David Miner:
Tom Willett:
Greg Leisz:
Joe Weed:
Phil Keaggy:

David Baker:
Pam Dwinell:
Mark Heard

Executive Producer:
Tracks Recorded At Neverland

Second Engineers:
	Gary Gerhart, Dan Reed, Stephen Padgett,
	Derri Daugherty, Dave Hackbarth

Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Backing Vocals on "I Don't Ever Want To Live
Without You"
Fretless Bass
Acoustic Bass
Bass on "Strong Hand Of Love"
Pedal Steel, Lap Steel
Fiddle and Viola
Classical Guitar on "I Don't Ever Want To Live
Without You," Twelve-String Guitars on "Love
Tells No Lies"
Backing Vocals
Mandolin, Accordion, Electric Guitars, Bass on
"Stand Like Steel" and "Love Tells No Lies,"
Tamborine on "Strong Hand Of Love"
Tom Willett
BIG THANKS TO: Tom Willett,
Marlei Daughterty, Dan Posthuma,
Chris Hauser, Laurie Fink, Jack Clark
Dean Arvidson and Mark Maxwell at
Myrrh for the encouragement and
teamwork, to David de Coup-Crank
for the ancient accordion and the
perspiration, to Tonio K. for the cool
boots, and to Sandi and Heather
Stonehill for enduring yet another
season of "studio lunacy."

Photograhpy: Linda Krikorian

Art Direction and Design: Karl Shields
for Pacific Art Design

Hair and Make-up: Roseanne McIlvane

Cover Coordinator: Laurie Fink

Mastered at Future Disc by Tom Baker