Released November 1986
Produced By Dave Perkins
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The Wild Frontier (4:07)
Here Come The Big Guitars (3:41)
The Dying Breed (4:15)
Words On The Wind (5:44)
What's My Line (3:47)
What Do You Want From Life (3:48)
Get Together (3:50)
Defender (3:01)
Evangeline (5:38)
The Hope Of Glory (4:48)
All Songs Written By Randy Stonehill Except "Here Come The Big Guitars," "The Dying Breed," "Words On The Wind," "What's My Line," And "Defender" Written By Randy Stonehill And Dave Perkins And "Get Together" Written By Chet Powers

Produced By Dave Perkins
Executive Producer: Ray Ware
Engineered by Dave Schober and Dave Perkins
Additional Engineering: Malcolm Harper

Recorded at:
The Music Grinder, Los Angeles, CA
"Rock-Bus-O-Doom" Reelsound Bus, 
Nashville, TN
Bill Schnee Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Asaph, Anaheim, CA
Whitefield Studios, Costa Mesa, CA

Second Engineers:
Jon Ingoldsby
Casey McMackin
Dan Garcia
Bobby Salcedo
Gene Ford
Matt Freeman

Mixed at:
Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, CA

Mixed by:
David Schober
Dave Perkins
Randy Stonehill

Mastered by:
Bernie Grundman

Cover Art Direction and Design:
Roland Young

Cover Photography:
Howard Rosenburg

Wardrobe, Make-up and Hairstyling:
Sandi Stonehill

SPECIAL THANKS: Sue Perkins and
Sandi Stonehill for great patience and
support, Tom Willett, Dawn Bianchi,
Melissa Helm and Lorri Seidensticker
at Myrrh/LA for all their hard work
and vision, Gary and Amy Chapman
for my "artist-in-residence" status,
Heather Stonehill for giving me the
song title "Here Come the Big Gui-
tars," Ron Felicia and Rose Harte at
The Music Grinder for making our
work a pleasure, and The Troggs...
wherever you are.
The Players:
Randy Stonehill

Electric Guitar:
Dave Perkins
Jerry McPherson
Jerry Chamberlain
Randy Stonehill

Acoustic Guitar:
Randy Stonehill
Dave Perkins

Bass Guitar:
Rick Cua
Dave Perkins

Mike Mead

Reese "Mr. B-3" Wynans

Rob Watson
Dave Perkins
Tom Howard

Peter Robb

Alex MacDougall
Keith Edwards
Dave Perkins

Background Vocals:
Dave Perkins
Gary Chapman
Chris Harris
Jerry Chamberlain
Peter Noone
Tonio K.
Peter Case

Brass Arrangement On "Hope Of Glory"
Tom Howard

Horn Contractor:
John Lunden