Jon Blackstone And The Rest Of Us — Not Dressed For The Occasion - CD (5")

CD (5") 1 Copy For Sale
Not Dressed For The Occasion CD (5") Cover
Release Details: Audio Recording - Stereo Studio Album - CD (5")
Record Label: Window Records [2]
Distributor: Wiseman Records
Catalog Number: WRCD1001
Copyright Date: 1995
Release Date: 1995
Country: USA
Genre: Christian, Gospel & Religious, Pop, Rock
For Sale: 1 Copy For Sale
The Love You Give Me
Faith Of A Child
Wouldn't Miss It For The World
No Words In The Way
She Thinks It's Love
Slave To Fear
What Are You Waiting For?
Waiting To Hit Bottom
My Heart Is Stirred By You
World Of Wonders
The Great I Am
The Shadow Of Your Wings
Stock Pressing (1995) - 1st Pressing
1 Copy For Sale
Pressing Release Date: 1995
Total Time (Actual): 60:50
Front Cover
Front Cover
Packaging Description:
Jewel Case With Front & Rear Inserts & Dark CD Tray, Lyrics Enclosed
CD With Clear Inner Ring
Disc Packaging: M
Disc Details: M
Notes: Lyrics Enclosed • Features John Mark Painter (Of Fleming & John) And One Song Co-Written By Margaret Becker
Price: $10.00
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