Scott Anderson — By Myself...But Not Alone - CD (5")

CD (5") 1 Copy For Sale
By Myself...But Not Alone CD (5") Cover
Release Details: Audio Recording - Stereo Studio Album - CD (5")
Record Label: Mercy Records
Catalog Number: SA41598
Copyright Date: 1998
Release Date: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: Christian, Gospel & Religious, Pop, Rock
For Sale: 1 Copy For Sale
I Belong To You
I Believe In Him
What I'm Livin' For
Before You Go
Turn The Rain To Sunshien
A Secret Of Love
The Shadow Of God
Never To Find Them Again
Christmas Is A Dream Come True
We Need Jesus
It Won't Always Be This Way
Stock Pressing (Q4 2001) - 2nd Pressing
1 Copy For Sale
Pressed at: Music City Optical Media (MCOM) (LaVergne, TN)
Company Series:
Glass Mastering Date: October 30, 2001
Pressing Release Date: Q4 2001
Total Time (Actual): 52:14
Front Cover
Front Cover
Packaging Description:
5-Panel Semi-Glossy Foldout Insert, Lyrics Enclosed
Black CD With Black & White Photo Of Scott At Left With White Print
Matrix Details:
"[]44236AM–01    SA41598   013010–21[] [           Bar             ]" (No Mould Code)
Disc Packaging: M-
Disc Details: M-
Notes: Lyrics Enclosed
Price: $10.00
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