Rick Cua — Wear Your Colors - Cassette (1⅞ ips)

Cassette (1⅞ ips) 1 Copy For Sale
Wear Your Colors Cassette (1⅞ ips) Cover
Release Details: Audio Recording - Stereo Studio Album - Cassette (1⅞ ips)
Record Label: Sparrow
Phonographic Copyright: The Sparrow Corporation
Company Series:
Catalog Number: SPC 1130
Copyright Date: 1986
Release Date: October 31, 1986 CapitolChristianMusicGroup.com - October 31, 1986
Official US Copyright Office Publication Date - October 16, 1986 (Sound Recording Publication Number SR0000072346)
Country: USA
Genre: Christian, Gospel & Religious, Rock
Style: Christian Rock, Arena Rock, Pop Rock
For Sale: 1 Copy For Sale
Produced By Dave Perkins

Drums: Mike Mead

Guitars: George Cocchini, Dave Perkins,
Ron DeRollo, Marc Ribler

Keyboards: John Sinclair, Bob Halligan, Jr., Larry
Dave Perkins, Tommy Greer (PPG 2.3),
Dino Pastin

Percussion: Mike Mead, Dave Hanlon
Synthesizer Programs: Dino Pastin, John Sinclair,
Tommy Greer (PPG 2.3), Dave Perkins, Chad Welling

Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals: Rick Cua
Background Vocals: Bob Halligan, Jr., Rob Frazier,
Dave Perkins, Rick Cua, Shawn Welling

Engineers: David Schober, Malcolm Harper, Dave Perkins,
Lynn Fuston

Additional Engineers: Don Martell, Ron DeRollo,
Glen Marchese, Chris McCollum, J.B., and David Shirley

Studios: Reelsound Bus, Nashville, TN, Grand Slam Studio,
West Orange, NJ and Lakewood Studio, Jamesville, NY
Remote location Oak Hill Assembly, Nashville, TN

Mix: Reelsound Truck, Austin, TX
Mastered at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA
Rick Cua exclusively uses Lectrosonics Wireless Systems, Roto
Sound Strings and Calzone Cases. Thanks also to; Carver,
Kramer and Yamaha.

Dave Perkins appears courtesy of Word Records, Inc.
Rob Frazier appears courtesy of Light Records.

Design by Bill Brunt
Photography by Mark Tucker

For a list of special thanks please send a self-addressed stamped
envelope to: Special Thanks, P.O. Box 110514, Nashville,

TN  37222

Artists Manager:
Nick R. Cua
NRC Management Corp.
(804) 276-0293

Artists Booking Agent:
Fred Caserta
Kingdom Bound Productions
(716) 689-0614

The Ninik Group
P.O. Box 110514
Nashville, TN  37222

℗ 1986 The Sparrow Corporation
Stock Pressing (October 31, 1986) - 1st Pressing
1 Copy For Sale
Pressing Release Date: October 31, 1986
J-Card In Norelco Case
J-Card In Norelco Case
J-Card In Norelco Case (Back)
J-Card In Norelco Case (Back)
Packaging Type:
J-Card In Blue Norelco Case With Sparrow Logo Embossed In Circle On Back
J-Card (Inside)
J-Card (Inside)
Inlay Description:
4-Panel J-Card (Folded Seams & Non-Glossy Inside)
Inlay Details:
Lyrics Enclosed, Credits Enclosed
Cassette Shell (Side 1)
Cassette Shell (Side 1)
Cassette Shell (Side 2)
Cassette Shell (Side 2)
Cassette Shell (Bottom)
Cassette Shell (Bottom)
Cassette Shell Description:
Blue Cassette Shell With Black Print (No Screws, Round White Hubs & Textured Border With "MADE IN USA" Centered At Top In Wide Rectangle)
Pressure Pad:
Thin, White
Tape Leader Color:
Translucent Blue Leader
Tape Type:
Type I/Normal Bias
Tape Color:
Medium Brown
Noise Reduction:
Dolby System (B NR)
Duplication Process:
Dolby HX Pro
Compassion/Tour Dates Insert (Front)
Compassion/Tour Dates Insert (Front)
Compassion/Tour Dates Insert (Back)
Compassion/Tour Dates Insert (Back)
Insert Texture/Finish:
Insert Description/Type:
Insert Details:
Compassion International Ad/Order Form
Insert Dimensions (Height - Folded):
Insert Dimensions (Height - Unfolded):
Insert Dimensions (Width):
J-Card Inlay: M-
Cassette Shell: M-
Notes: Lyrics Enclosed
Price: $6.00
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