African Children's Choir — Live! In Concert - VHS (SP, NTSC)

VHS (SP, NTSC) 1 Copy For Sale
Release Details: Video Recording - Stereo Live Album - VHS (SP, NTSC)
Record Label: Friends In The West / Maranatha! Music
Distributor: Benson Music Group, Inc.
Company Series:
Catalog Number: VO8755
Copyright Date: 1991
Release Date: 1991
Country: USA
Genre: Christian, Gospel & Religious, Folk & World Music
For Sale: 1 Copy For Sale
Stock Pressing (1991) - 1st Pressing
1 Copy For Sale
Pressing Release Date: 1991
Total Time (Actual): 60:00
Design Description:
Plain White Cardboard Slipcase
Tape Color:
Video Packaging: VG+ (Cardboard Slipcase)
Video Details: M
Price: $10.00
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