2nd Chapter of Acts — Far Away Places - Cassette (1⅞ ips)

Cassette (1⅞ ips) 1 Copy For Sale
Far Away Places Cassette (1⅞ ips) Cover
Release Details: Audio Recording - Stereo Studio Album - Cassette (1⅞ ips)
Record Label: Live Oak Records
Distributor: Word, Inc.
Company Series:
Catalog Number: 7-01-000922-8
Copyright Date: 1987
Release Date: September 22, 1987 WordDistribution.com - September 22, 1987
Official US Copyright Office Publication Date - September 23, 1987 (Sound Recording Publication Number SR0000094796)
Country: USA
Genre: Christian, Gospel & Religious, Pop
For Sale: 1 Copy For Sale
Side 1
Humble Yourself • It's No Masquerade • Sing Over Me •
You Are All In All • A Tender Heart
Side 2
I Reach Out • Fallin' In On You • Maybe Some Other Day •
Take It To All The World • Far Away Places
Produced By Buck Herring
Stock Pressing (1987) - 1st Pressing
1 Copy For Sale
Pressed at: ML Tape Duplicating (Van Nuys, CA)
Pressing Release Date: 1987
Barcode: [0] 8068-80290-4 [3] (080688029043)
Notes: Original Issue
Front Cover
Front Cover
Inlay Description:
5-Panel J-Card (Cardstock With Folded Seams & Non-Glossy Inside)
Inlay Details:
Lyrics Enclosed
Cassette Shell Description:
Grey Cassette Shell With Black Print (No Screws, White Hubs, Small Tape Window Exposing Soft Tape Liner With 11 Lines & Numbers Below & Textured Border With Notch At Bottom )
Tape Leader Color:
Clear Light Blue Leader
Tape Type:
Type II/Chrome
Tape Color:
Noise Reduction:
Dolby System (B NR)
Duplication Process:
Dolby HX Pro
Cassette Packaging: VG++ (EX)
Cassette Shell: M-
Notes: Lyrics Enclosed
Price: $5.00
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Stock Pressing (1989) - 2nd Pressing
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