The Blackwood Brothers — Turn Your Radio On - 8-Track Cartridge

8-Track Cartridge 1 Copy For Sale
Turn Your Radio On 8-Track Cartridge Cover
Release Details: Audio Recording - Stereo Studio Album - 8-Track Cartridge
Record Label: Artco Records & Tapes
Catalog Number: G-658-L
Copyright Date: 1973
Release Date: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Christian, Gospel & Religious
For Sale: 1 Copy For Sale
Program 1
Hallelujah to the King
I'm as Poor as a Beggar
Program 2
He's More Than Just a Swear Word
What a Happy Day
Program 3
When We All Get to Heaven
I've Been to Calvary
Program 4
His Grace is Sufficient for Me
I'm Gonna Make It
Stock Pressing (1973) - 1st Pressing
1 Copy For Sale
Pressing Release Date: 1973
Shell Construction:
Brown Shell With Five Holes On Back, Grips On Sides, Foam Pad, Black Plastic Roller & "TM MADE IN U.S.A. PAT'S PENDING" Inside Large Indentation On Back
Label Description:
Light Blue/White Front/Spine Label With Album Cover Songs Listed IN Black
Tape Type:
Type I/Normal Bias
Tape Color:
Medium Brown
Cartridge Details: G
Notes: Label Is Bubbled & Stained
Price: $2.00
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