Come Into His PresenceSonrise MercantileSMC 0071974Blue Cover
Good To Be HomeMyrrh UKMYR 10541975UK
Daniel AmosMaranatha!/PraiseHS-777-241976Canada
Daniel AmosMaranatha!/KingswayHS-777-241976UK
Daniel AmosMaranatha!/ConcordeHS-777-241976Australia
Daniel AmosMaranatha! MusicMMOO24A1976Single Slip/Beige Label • US
Daniel AmosMaranatha! MusicMMOO24A1976Single Slip/Blue Label • US
Shotgun AngelMaranatha! MusicHS-0321977Single Slip/Beige Label • US
Shotgun AngelMaranatha!/ConcordeHS-0321977Australia
Shotgun AngelMaranatha! MusicMM0032A1977Gatefold/Blue Label • US
¡Alarma! Radio SpecialNewPaxRS-1951981US
Doppelgänger Test Press¡Alarma!ART10101983Autographed Test Press • US
Vox HumanaRefugeR840081985UK
The RevelationFrontlineRO90101986US • UK
Darn Floor - Big BiteFrontlineRO90281987UK
Any Test Pressings, Singles, Promos Or Compilations Featuring DA
Glass HarpDeccaDL 752611970White Label Promo • US
Glass HarpDeccaDL 752611971US • UK • Canada
Glass HarpMCAMCA-2931971Black Rainbow Label, Blue Clouds Label • US
Glass HarpMCAMAP/S 41931971Australia
SynergyDeccaDL 753061971"Glass Harp/Glass Harp" On The Label • US
SynergyDecca??1971UK • Canada
SynergyMCAMAP/S 52621972Australia
It Makes Me GladDeccaDL 7-53581972US • UK • Canada
It Makes Me GladMCAMAP/S ????1972Australia
Song In The AirStar SongSSR•00051977Blue Label With Insert • US
Any Test Pressings, Singles Or Promos
INFINITY PLUS THREE--Setting Yesterday FreeSpirit 1970US
Mark HeardAirborn750051975US
Appalachian MelodySolid RockSRA-20091979US • CANADA • UK
Victims Of The AgeHome Sweet HomeHSHR 21071982CANADA
Victims Of The AgeHome Sweet Home/ConcordeR 21071982AUSTRALIA
Eye Of The StormHome Sweet Home/MyrrhMYR 11491983UK
MosaicsHome Sweet Home/MyrrhMSB 68001985Canada
MosaicsHome Sweet Home/Myrrh70168000671985Australia
The Greatest Hits Of Mark HeardHome Sweet HomeHSR40101986Canada
The Greatest Hits Of Mark HeardHome Sweet Home70100103901986Australia
IDEOLA--Tribal OperaWhat?7-01-684906-61987Canada (# May Be Different)
IDEOLA--Tribal OperaWhat?WHAR 68491987UK (# May Be Different)
IDEOLA--Tribal OperaWhat?70169490661987Australia
IDEOLA--Tribal OperaWhat?/A&ML 3????1987Australia
Dry Bones DanceFingerprint/Myrrh UKMYR R 12731990UK (May Not Exist)
Any Test Pressings, Singles Or Promos
What A DayNew SongNS 0011973Green To Gray Label • US
What A DayNew SongNS 0011973Simple Red To Gray Label/No Jubilation Group Logo On Back Cover • US
What A DayNew SongNS 0011973Canada
What A DayNissiEMR 46041973 (1984)US
What A DayNissi/Pan PacificEMR 46041973 (1984)No Sparrow Dist. Credit • Canada
Love Broke ThruNew SongNS 0021976Canada
Love Broke ThruMyrrh UKMYR 10??1976UK
Love Broke ThruNissi/Pan PacificEMR 46011976 (1984)No Sparrow Dist. Credit • Canada
EmergingNew SongNS 0041977With Original Interview Insert • US
EmergingNew SongNS 0041977Canada
EmergingNissi/Pan PacificEMR 46021977 (1984)No Sparrow Dist. Credit • Canada
AND THE 2ND CHAPTER OF ACTS--How The West Was OneMyrrhMSY-659819773-LP Set • Canada
AND THE 2ND CHAPTER OF ACTS--How The West Was OneMyrrh UKMYD 106119792-LP Set • UK
The Master & The MusicianNew SongNS 0061978Canada
Rock & Religion Radio SpecialRock & ReligionRR-5/RR-61978Radio Special
Ph'lip SideSparrowBIRD 1271980UK
Ph'lip SideSparrowSPR 1036 RE1982With "In Your Keep" • Canada
Phil Keaggy - The Man & His MusicSparrowRPG 10361980Radio Special
Town To TownSparrow/SpotlightSPR 10531981Australia
Play Thru MeSparrow/SpotlightSPR 10621982Australia
Getting CloserNissi/Pan PacificEMR 46051985Canada
Compassion Int’l Presents “Music & MoreCompassion 1986Radio Special
Way Back HomePan Pacific790-079-00121986US (No "Litho In Canada" On Spine)
The Wind & The WheatColours71001498271987Australia
The Wind & The WheatColours/A&MSP-6-07581987Canada (# May Be Different)
The Wind & The WheatColours/A&M32Y-38431987Japan
Phil Keaggy & Sunday's ChildMyrrh 7-01-687606-31988Canada
Phil Keaggy & Sunday's ChildMyrrh 70168760631988Australia
Phil Keaggy & Sunday's ChildA&MWR-???1988Canada
Any Test Pressings, Singles, Promos Or Compilations Featuring Phil
Born TwiceOne WayJC-312521971US • With "He Is A Friend"
Born TwiceOne WayJC-8011971US • Has Side One Pressed On Both Sides
Get Me Out Of HollywoodPhonogram63081791973UK
Welcome To ParadiseSolid RockSRA 20021976Canada
Welcome To ParadiseSolid RockROCKY 21976UK
Rock & ReligionRock & ReligionRR-13/RR-141976Radio Special/Noel Paul Stookey On Side Two
Live At GreenbeltAcetate Test Press 1979Full Stonehill Set - At Least One Acetate Exists
Rock & Religion: "Love Songs"Rock & ReligionRR-49/RR-501978Randy Speaks On Side Two
An Hour With Randy StonehillMyrrhRSA-331981Radio Special
EquatorMyrrhMSB 67421983Later Pressing With Non-Glossy Label & Translucent Vinyl • US
EquatorA&MWR 82221983 (1984)US
EquatorA&MWR 1??1983 (1984)Canada
EquatorA&ML 391621983 (1984)Australia
EquatorPowerderworksPOW 40311983Australia
Celebrate This HeartbeatA&MWR 81301984US
Celebrate This HeartbeatA&MWR 1??1984Canada
Celebrate This HeartbeatA&ML 391191985Australia
Celebrate This HeartbeatPowderworksPOW 40391985Australia
Love Beyond ReasonMyrrhMSB 68111985Canada
Love Beyond ReasonMyrrh70168110691985Australia
Love Beyond ReasonA&MWR ???1985Canada
Love Beyond ReasonA&ML 384121985Australia
The Wild FrontierMyrrhMYR R 12301987UK
The Wild FrontierMyrrh70168370681986Australia
The Wild FrontierA&MWR ???1986Canada
The Wild FrontierA&ML 387241986Australia
Can't Buy A MiracleMyrrh7-01-686761-21988Canada
Can't Buy A MiracleMyrrhMYR R 68671988UK
Can't Buy A MiracleMyrrh70168676121988Australia
Can't Buy A MiracleA&MWR ???1988Canada
Can't Buy A MiracleA&ML 3????1988Australia • May Not Exist
Return To ParadiseMyrrhMYRR 68811989UK
Any Test Pressings, Singles, Promos Or Compilations Featuring Randy
I Want To Be A CloneSparrow/MCASP 985001983US
I Want To Be A CloneSparrow/SpotlightSPR 10631983Australia
MeltdownSparrow/CapitolST 410131984 (1986)US
MeltdownSparrow/SpotlightSPR 10831984Australia
Meltdown RemixesSparrowBIRD 1??1984UK • May Not Exist
On The FritzSparrow/CapitolST 410231985 (1986)US
On The FritzSparrow/SpotlightSPR 11051985Australia
Transatlantic RemixesSparrowSPR 11071985Canada
Transatlantic RemixesSparrowBIRD 1??1985UK • May Not Exist
LimelightSparrow/CapitolSQ 410351985US
LimelightSparrowBIRD 1761985UK
LimelightSparrow/SpotlightSPR 11181985Australia
I Predict 1990MyrrhMSB 68731987Canada (# May Be 7-01-687306-4)
I Predict 1990Myrrh70168730641987Australia
I Predict 1990A&MWR 83871987US
I Predict 1990A&MWR ???1987Canada
I Predict 1990A&ML 388851988Australia
The Best We Could Find [+3 That Never Escaped]SparrowSPR 11801988UK
Any Test Pressings, Singles, Promos Or Compilations Featuring Steve
A Briefing For The AscentFrontlineRO90181987UK