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Something Sick Inside My Head (CD)
Record Label:M8 Distribution
Product Number:M8D-1013
UPC Code:6 95677 00072 1
Copyright Date:2000
Release Date:2000
Distributor:M8 Distribution
Issue Number:1
Pressing Number:1
Pressing Date:2000
Pressing Location:Unknown
Pressing Variation:1
Pressing Type:STEREO (STOCK)
Number Of Songs:15
Total Time:57:14
1. More than Understanding
2. Great White Lawyer
3. Where are You
4. Where Ever You Go, I Want to Follow
5. 16 Seconds
6. Something Sick Inside My Head
7. Fists Full of Funk (Instrumental)
8. I'm Going There (demo)
9. Where are You (instrumental 1st Edition)
10. Something Sick Inside My Head (instrumental 1st Edition)
11. Where Ever You Go, I Want To Follow (Instrumental 1st Edition)
12. For the Sake of... (Demo with unfinished lyrics)
13. Get Out... (Demo with unfinished lyrics)
14. Where I'm Going (demo with unfinished lyrics)
15. Great White Lawyer (instrumental 1st Edition)
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