Dogs Of Peace Price: $5
{speak} (CD)
Record Label:Sparrow
Product Number:SPD1517/D 112198
UPC Code:
Copyright Date:1996
Release Date:1996
Distributor:Chordant Distribution/BMG Distribution
Issue Number:2
Pressing Number:1
Pressing Date:1996
Pressing Location:Unknown
Pressing Variation:1
Pressing Type:STEREO (STOCK)
Number Of Songs:11
Total Time:44:37
Producer:Jeff Balding & Dogs Of Peace
Cover Notes:Quad-Fold Insert
Inserts:Lyrics Enclosed
Additional Notes:"Mfd. By BMG Direct Marketing" In Place Of Bar-Code Featuring Gordon Kennedy & Jimmie Lee Sloas
In The Event (4:04)
Necessary Pain (3:14)
Thrown Away (4:14)
Dogs Of Peace (4:46)
Do You Know? (6:33)
I Wanna Know (3:05)
The Truth (5:00)
Pray To God (5:19)
The Burning Bush (3:06)
When I Believe It (3:06)
(Untitled Percussion Snippet)
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