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Praise To The Holy One (CD)
Record Label:Vineyard Music Group
Product Number:FLD9160Z/SPCN 7-5126-3149-9
UPC Code:7 26297 91602 1
Copyright Date:1992
Release Date:1992
Distributor:Diamante Distribution
Issue Number:1
Pressing Number:1
Pressing Date:1992
Pressing Location:DiscTronics (Plano, TX)
Pressing Variation:1
Pressing Type:STEREO (STOCK)
Number Of Songs:12
Total Time:42:41
Producer:Chris Wimber
Cover Notes:Front Insert Has A Couple Of Small Dimples Near The Edge
Inserts:Lyrics Enclosed
Additional Notes:Features Worship Leaders Andreanna Arganda, Eddie Espinosa, Audra Freselli, Loren Hartman, Davis Hill, Kai Huusfeldt, Brian Lagaras, John Tebay & John Wyrosdick   CD Has Some Scratches, But Plays Perfectly
1. Jehovah Jireh
2. Happy Are We
3. Celebrate
4. Praise to the Holy One
5. Yours is the Kingdom
6. My Rock
7. You Give Me Love
8. Father, Your Word is My Anchor
9. Army of Saints
10. Jehovah
11. We Bring Praises
12. Let Us Rejoice
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