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Start Right Here: Remembering The Life Of Keith Green (CD)
Record Label:BEC Recordings
Product Number:DPRO16314
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Copyright Date:No Date (2001)
Release Date:2001
Issue Number:0
Pressing Number:1
Pressing Date:2001
Pressing Location:Unknown
Pressing Variation:1
Pressing Type:STEREO (STOCK)
Number Of Songs:12
Total Time:40:17
Cover Notes:Slimline Case With No Inserts
Additional Notes:Advance CD Features Hangnail, Cadet, Bleach, Joy Electric, MxPx, Starflyer 59, Ace Troubleshooter, Flight 180, MG!The Visionary, Element 101, ILL Harmonics & Dingees
Hangnail - Run To The End of the Highway
Cadet - You Are The One
Bleach - Asleep in The Light
Joy Electric - Make My Life A Prayer To You
MxPx - You Put This Love in My Heart
Starflyer 59 - Lord I'm Gonna Love You
Ace Troubleshooter - Your Love Broke Through
Flight 180 - He'll Take Care of The Rest
MG!The Visionary - My Eyes Are Dry
Element 101 - You!
ILL Harmonics - 40 Years
Dingees - Dear John Letter (To The Devil)
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