Adam Again Sold
Ten Songs By Adam Again (CD)
Record Label:Lo-Fidelity
Product Number:No Number
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Copyright Date:2002
Release Date:7/3/2002
Issue Number:2
Pressing Number:1
Pressing Date:7/3/2002
Pressing Location:Unknown
Pressing Variation:1
Pressing Type:STEREO (STOCK)
Number Of Songs:10
Total Time:54:40
Producer:Gene Eugene
Additional Notes:2002 Reissue Limited To Only 1000 Copies Of Rare Classic 1988 Release   Has Small Tear In Shrink Wrap On Back
Tree House 6:52
Beat Peculiar 8:23
Who Can Hold Us 4:28
Babylon 1:44
I've Seen Dominoes 6:16
Trouble With Lies 5:16
Ain't No Sunshine 2:38
Eyes Wide Open 5:52
Every Word I Say 5:46
The Tenth Song 9:29
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